Camping and Parking




Magick Gathering is an open air festival. Bring your tent. August nights may be a little bit chilly. Bring warm sleeping bag.  Bring proper clothing and shoes for rainy weather, nevertheless we expect a sunny and warm week. 

Take some repellent –  this year mosquitoes are a bit annoying.

Naked tribe peninsula is another camping area for those, who are used to Rainbow Gathering way of stay.  There is a big bonfire place in a middle.

Little sand beach will be found beside the camping area – there are four cold water showers as well. We still have a plan to make a wood stove for warm water 🙂

There will be a designated area for camper vans/live-in vehicles. Admission for the camper parking 10€.

To reduce traffic, every car admission or re-admission to the parking spot will be charged 5€. Parking on the road, forest or elsewhere around festival site is forbidden.

Free drinking water from deep  well is available at food area.  Just fill up your bottle with fresh cold water.

We go green – bring your plates and mugs, reduce waste. There is a place to rinse your crockery.

Please  use only environment-friendly shampoo in a shower and do not use any soap or shampoo at the lake (pond).

Bio toilets will be on site. For Rainbow people we dig regular sh-t pit close to the  peninsula camping.

Take your waste back with you please 🙂

Smokers are kindly asked to bring cigarette butts to waste bin’s or fireplaces.  

Friendly pets allowed with leash and shit bags (take care – there is sheep herd beside 🙂